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Interactive Ways to Boost Your Progression in Game of Sultans

A Role-Playing game title, which is based on some great strategy and requires consideration overruling or being the sultan, seems quite impressive. Well, the title is Game of Sultans, which is offered by Mechanist Games for iOS and Android. You can download this game for free, but the sad part is, you might have to spend real money on the purchase of virtual currencies like Gold.

It is the primary currency, and it is required in upgrades and increasing your kingdom to a new level. To reach on the higher level in this game, you need to keep plenty of things in mind. Well, the below mentioned are all the important factors that you should keep in mind to avoid getting into the wrong direction of progression. Even, an intermediate can follow the same tips also –

Daily Login Rewards are Effective

Most of the gamers who reach on the expert level claim that there is nothing you can do to boost the stats of a king. To boost the stat, you need to play this game daily, and if you are logging in every day, then you can boost the progression by many times and become a better gamer. Make sure that you focus on levies, affairs, academy trains, etc. to have a boost in stats; otherwise, you are not able to obtain XP.

Training Viziers but Intelligently

As you get into the game, you can find several currencies, and badges are also one of them which require focus. You can use your badges to train viziers and enhance the overall progression. But, you should spend your currencies wisely to avoid getting into any kind of issue. You should make a strategy to spend it wisely to avoid getting into any issue. You need to make a list of talent and deciding where to spend your currencies where to avoid.

Specific Ranking Rushes

You can find specific ranking rushes, and these are good to progress and gain XP. In such cases, you should use the backpack items because you will be focusing on the use of military attributes, which are quite effective to progress at a faster rate. But, you can save the military attributes for the empire ranking and such other stuff which will come in handy and make you an advanced gamer for sure. You can easily obtain a better reward through such methods. Isn’t it one of the effective options to progress at a faster rate.

The Final Verdict

After considering these factors, you can easily enhance the progression several times. Make sure that you avoid spending real money on the purchase of virtual currencies. Many websites suggest you buy the beginner pack, but it won’t help you at all. That’s why you should stay selective to avoid getting into any issue in the future. Hope, these tips will help you become a better gamer and getting rid of all the issues related to coins and badges.